What are the expected delivery times?

Orders placed before 2pm between Monday-Friday will be delivered on an overnight courier (If rural, please allow 2-3 working days). Once you order has been shipped you will receive updates via email or text.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, should you have a large project or would like to purchase some Flexi-Felt items in bulk please contact us and we can give you a quote for a bulk order.

How do I make sure I choose the right model and size?

For round legs measure the diameter and square legs the width. If your leg tapers up, measure the widest part (20mm up from the floor), once you have the circumference, simply divide by 3.14 to get the diameter of the leg.  All products will have a size guide located below each model.

If you purchase the wrong size, please contact us and we will be happy to exchange for the correct size. Note: All Felxi-Felts models are different in price, any exchange will receive a full refund and new invoice issued with the correct models pricing.

How do I install the Flexi-Felt on my furniture?

The installation varies based on the type of furniture leg tip you have. We created 30-second installation videos that show exactly how to quickly and effortlessly install the Flexi-Felt. They are located in the video section of our site.

What makes Flexi-Felt different from other floor felt protection?

Other felt pads in the market use cheap double sided tape attached to cheaper synthetic polyester felt. Flexi-Felt uses our patent pending process, impregnating a commercial grade adhesive into our high density wool blend felt.

Are they really going to last as long as you say?

Yes! Flexi-Felt clear was used on a chair leg simulating a 182kg person. After simulating the typical chair movements during a typical school day for 5 years, we were pleased to see that the Flexi-Felt was still good to go.

We then simulated a more typical 72kg student and proved that each of our Flexi-Felt models outlasts other protective products 15-1 . The Flexi-Felt clear was specifically designed with quality and durability in mind. It was engineered for classroom and institutional use, this is why it is so durable and effective.

Finally, we went on testing our chair leg cover simulating a regular 36kg primary school child. So far the Flexi-Felt clear has gone through over 200,000 translations (an incredible 10-year of wear) and it is still going. Amazingly, after such a long beating, it is still very soft on the flooring.

Do the Flexi-Felt furniture leg glides really work?

Yes! Not only will they protect your flooring and save you thousands of dollars on floor maintenance, but will also reduce furniture noise by as much as 90%.

How well do the Flexi-Felt leg glides protect my flooring?

We are the only ones to guarantee that we will reduce your floor maintenance costs by well over 50%. Flexi-felt chair glides are simply the best flooring protection available because of its patented design. They increases the contact surface area, thus reducing friction. Because the Flex-felt glides are always flat on the floor, there is no premature wear on the felt pad and no premature wear on you floors. Finally the non-synthetic, 100% wool felt is simply the softest felt material to protect your floors. The Flexi-felt glides work well on any smooth flooring material such as hardwood, laminates, institutional tiles, painted floors, gym rubberised flooring, etc.


Do the Flexi-Felt clear chair leg covers reduce classroom furniture noise?

They do a great job of this since the Flexi-felt clear furniture leg glides were specifically designed to protect floors and to reduce noise caused by chair movement by 90%. Tests have been conducted on the Flexi-felt clear series for classroom noise reduction capabilities by using a Decibel meter to be able to measure our chair leg cover's effectiveness in a classroom. We simply measured the noise generated by a classroom of children getting up at recess and then made the same measurements after the Flexi-felt clears were installed. We repeated the same tests again. But this time we measured the sound difference from the room under the classroom. This is something many teachers and principals at schools of two-story buildings can appreciate since you are not only subjected to noises of your own classroom but also of the one above. On average the Flexi-felt clears reduced the noise of a 25-student classroom by over 15 decibels!  This is a huge difference, something like the noise of a large diesel truck compared to a small car. Studies in the USA have shown that children learn best in a silent environment. The teachers will also appreciate not having to raise their voices over the chair movement noise. They are also referred by many hearing associations in the USA  as a product of choice with regard to noise reduction. It is critical for people with hearing problems to have as little background noise as possible in order to hear what is being said.