Become a Stockist

 We take pride in providing retail sales packages that fit every level of need and that our wholesale customers can depend on. There are plenty of reasons that we stand out as being the right choice when offering your customers great flooring protection, including the following:

  • A wide range of different products in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to stock a full selection so your customers are able to find a product that fits their needs.
  • Products are easy to use and stay in place once installed.
  • Our industrial strength protective items are made to last, and won't wear out after a few months of use.
  • We offer professional packaging in an attractive retail blister packs. Displays are also easy to set up, so you can start selling the flooring protection quickly.
  • Our team believes in providing support to all of our customers - especially our wholesale customers. From questions to problems, we're standing by and ready to help you.
  • We also inform you via email of and sales, special offers or new products, providing your customers with the latest in flooring protection.

No matter what your customer’s needs, we have the floor protection to fit. It's easy to add our products to your stores, while also being affordable. 



The demand for the products provided in our retail sales packages has always been high, but with rising costs of resurfacing and repairing hardwood floors it's increasing even more.

There's a notable demand for affordable ways to protect a property and customers are always looking for effective ways to do just that.


For more information on becoming a Flexi-Felt reseller please feel free to contact us to discuss this opportunity further.